Three Solutions For World Peace

This book gives an intriguing overview of all the major world religions by compiling expanded research to expound on these religions that gives the reader a historical look at the history of religion. Concerned about the world's unrest and states of affairs with the abounding wars and rumors of wars and the many natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions, the author writes with much fervor and conviction, addressing these dire situations that affect the world peace and endanger lives.  The author has compiled intricate data that shows that wars and fighting are one of the main reasons for poverty and starvation for many under-developed countries. She writes her thesis, giving the readers in-depth knowledge and understanding of all the world religions. She explicitly shows how many religions profess peace, but have no real prayer or plan of how peace can be accomplished.  Biblical truths are revealed throughout much of her book, pointing to the foundations of Christianity, also addressing the many falsehoods of the many false religions that are prevalent in many countries that profess peace. With the use of much Scripture from the Holy Bible, the author has given a foundation to the solution for world peace.  Through her book, Three Solutions For World Peace, the author offers solutions to the unrest and lack of food in hopes that leaders will read this book and change course. Our world is in dire need of change, but how can such a change be accomplished? Come and see what the author has to say about this monumental issue that will change your heart and mind in regards to who you serve and what you can do. This book will open many eyes to the truth of God's Word and point many to the cross.  A highly recommended and educational read.

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