The Church, The Body of Christ

The Church, The Body of Christ, gives an account to many facets of Christianity that began with the Day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Offering sound biblical representation and powerful scriptural application, the author gives understanding to the body of Christ, revealing the power given to Christ’s Disciples. Within this, the power and absolute authority of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, is unveiled – as He has been given power and authority over all. The reader will gain a deeper insight and understanding of the Church, revealing that the body of Christ is universal, belonging to all peoples and tongues, who call upon and believe in Jesus Christ. Thus revealing the promises of God, the power of signs and wonders and the power available through the Holy Spirit, with uniting purpose and function as the body of Christ throughout the Earth.  Challenging, informative and well-researched, this book is designed for those that want to know the purpose and function of the true Church, known as the body of Christ. Giving a background on how the Church began, the author offers a study-guide as to the birth of the Church at the Day of Pentecost and visible manifestations that accompanied the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Paralleling these promises, the author relates this to the power that is available to the Church through empowerment of the Holy Spirit. With wisdom and accurate representation of the Gospel, the author has translated the Bible’s teaching on the Church into a simple and easy to understand format, incorporating teaching of the Scriptures that cultivate an understanding of the purpose of God the Father’s will.

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