The Messenger and the Message of God (Volume I) by Grace D. Balogun

The Messenger and the Message of God (Volume I) by Grace D. Balogun is the first volume in a two volume series created by the author to give readers a deeper understanding of God's message and His messengers, the prophets. With a firm biblical foundation from the Word of God, the author teaches and inspires all to come to know God's message and answer His call to live a godly life and to spread the gospel to all people. The author states that God has spoken, is still speaking today and encourages others to listen as the Lord has, "...supremacy over all things, both in Heaven and on Earth." God calls His Disciples and God makes them into "fishers of men," so that they too, as the prophets did, can preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.  Volume I provides an overview of the Old Testament prophets. The book is written to give understanding to the position, title, purpose and abilities of the prophets of Old, as well as giving an understanding of each book presented. A short synopsis of the apostles of Jesus Christ and a prayer to give thanks is offered as a conclusion to the book. This is a great book to give deeper insight and understanding to the Word of God, His prophets and the calling that each one of us has to be as Disciples of Christ.

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